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Korean Gift Ideas

There could be many a reasons for us to buy gifts – Thanksgiving, birthdays, anniversary’s or just going back home. Korea offers lot of options to help you select the right gift for your loved ones. But at times it can get confusing if you set out at the last minute to do your shopping.

Like for instance we would want to gift something which is unique and at the same time Korean. Or something which acts as a memento, a souvenir. Or something which is not too expensive but not too cheap.

So I have compiled a list to make your gifting task a bit easier.

First could be the General category:

  • Korean Paper Fans. There are few shops which also offer personalized fans with some personal messages in written in Korean on the fan.
  • Korean Seals – with the name engraved in stone in Hangul Characters. Personalized again.
  • Korean pendant with name written in Hangul Characters.
  • Korean Green Tea.
  • Korean Ginseng.
  • Korean Hanbok Teddies.
  • Korean Bookmarks.
  • Korean Fortune Pouch or Sharon trinkets.
  • Korean Hair Pin / Brooch.
  • Korean Hahoe Masks.
  • Korean Wooden Goose (a symbol of trust and fidelity).
  • Korean Yut Nori (Indoor Game).
  • Korean Silk Pouches.
  • Korean Chop Sticks.
  • Korean Money Clip.
  • Korean Clay Magnets.
  • Korean Couple Tees.
  • Korean Clay toys.
  • Korean Hanguel Printed Tees.
  • Korean Bojaki (Gift wrapping material).
  • Korean Key Rings.
  • Korean Bokjori (attracts luck and prosperity – mostly gifted on Korean New Year).
  • Korean Coasters.
  • Korean Recipe Book.
  • Korean Rice Cake.
  • Korean Walnut Chocolate.
  • Korean Antiques.
  • Coffee Mugs with Korean Prints.

buying gifts in korea

For guys you can get something like:

  • Korean Soccer Player T-Shirts.
  • Electronic Gadgets like mp3/mp4 player from Yongsan.
  • Korean Hanbok Tie.
  • Korean Tie pins.
  • Male purses / Murses.
  • iPod Covers n Accessories.
  • Calendar with K Pop gals.
  • Korean Horror / Action movie collection.
  • Korean Smoking Pipes.
  • Korean winter jackets
  • Hood Tees
  • Korean woollen wear
  • Scarf (Sukapu), gloves and caps
  • Hiking gear

where to buy gifts in korea

For girls you can get almost absolutely anything and everything in Korea:

  • Clothes – if you tired of Dongdaemun and Namdaemun then you MUST visit the market at Guson Bus Terminal. Exit 8-1 towards Hangang Park.
  • Cosmetics – Aritaum, Etude, Face Shop, Neutrogena and so many other brands.
  • Jewelery and accessories.
  • Bags with Korean Prints.
  • Shoes.
  • Korea Winter collection, scarf, hood tees, woolen wear, gloves….

best places to buy gifts in korea

For Kids:

  • Hanbok Dress.
  • Korean Traditional Game – Yut Nori.
  • Make your own Korean Paper Castle games.
  • Pencil box and other stationary.
  • Soft toys.

places to buy gifts in korea

Korea could be a Mecca for females who love shopping. With so many varieties to chose from girls here are spoiled for choice.

Places for Shopping gifts in Seoul: Insa Dong, Namdaemun Market, Dongdaemun Market, Itaewon, Guson (Express) Bus Terminal – Exit 8-1 (towards Banpo bridge).  Also, the Gift Shop at Jabullae Observatory near Ttukseom Resort has some interesting gifts.

buying gifts in korea

The 3 Story Mall (Daedo Chonghap) in Namdaemun Market where you get the gifts at wholesale prices. This mall is bang in the middle of Namdaemun Market at Myeongdong in Seoul. The mall closes early in the evening, so be sure to reach there on time. Funniest thing is that the shops that are at the foot of the mall will sell you the same stuff at a higher price.

DaeDo Chonghap Mall Namdaemun Korea for buying cheap gifts

DaeDo Chonghap Mall in Namdaemun Market is the cheapest place for buying gifts in Korea

Websites for buying gifts:

Happy Shopping ^^

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    When I was stationed in ROK I didn’t get a satin embroidered tour (souvenir) jacket. Still want one. Where could I order on-line & have shipped stateside?

  • Abe

    Hey thanks for this! But can you specifiy Exactly where you can get these products? For example, the Daedo Chonghap mall in Namdaemun? Googling it doesn’t even find a location at all. It would be nice if there were specific directions on how to get to each area, complete with subway directions, address, etc.

    Thank you!

    • TheKoreaGuide

      It’s exactly in the centre of namdaemun market. You need to get down at namdaemun market and explore a bit. Once you are in the market its not that difficult to find.


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