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Paad Bing Su.. 팥빙수

Come summer and Korea offers a lot of delicacies to beat off the heat. Most of you might have had the variants of Noodles served with crushed ice. But what really took me by my heart is Paad Bing Su..

You can have Paad Bing Su like a meal or a dessert. It is basically made of crushed / sliced ice topped with sweet Red Bean paste, fruits like kiwi, pineapple, banana, strawberry and others. Normally the sliced ice is mixed with condensed milk and small pieces of tokk (rice cakes). Finally is topped with yogurt. Baskin Robbins or the various other cafes serving Paad-Bing-Su would top it with Ice Cream.

Paat Bing Su

Picture Credit: Manji..

This one is not to be missed before the Summer gives it way to fall..

Picture Credit: Manji..

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