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Ja-Bol-Lae Observatory – Seoul (자벌레 전망대)

Jabollae Observatory on the banks of Han River (TtukSeom Resort) is one of the unique buildings in the shape of a Korean Jabollae bug. More than an observatory it is also a multiplex housing 3D theatre, Digital Art Museum, Animation Studios, Gift Shops, Restaurants and Cafes with the panoramic view of the Han River.

Jabollae Observatory is a good place to introduce your kids to the world of animation and digital art. They have continuous videos playing the behind-the-scenes of various animation techniques. Plus it also introduces the kids to the various technique like storyboarding, sketching, scenario etc.

They also have a section where it explains Korean Characters using animation and a section where you see a digital reflection of your self.

The exterior of Jabollae park is equally exciting with beautiful lush green park  where you relax on a busy evening. Just a stone throw away from the observatory you have rock climbing facility and a few water sports like water rides and water surfing.

Ja Bol Lae Observatory - Seoul

Jabollae Observatory at Ttukseom Resort - Hangang River

Hangang River at Ttukseom Resort Seoul Korea

Hangang River - Ttukseom Resort - Seoul Korea

Hangang River - Ttukseom Resort - Seoul Korea

You can also take a water cab (taxi) from Ttukseom Resort towards Banpo bridge. Take it in the evening to avoid traffic and enjoy the night view across the river.

Once you reach Banpo Bridge you will be able to view the Moonlight Fountain flowing across the bridge in the evening around 8 pm. Its a 20 minute fountain show synchronized with soft instrumental music.

The Rainbow Musical Moonlit Fountain at Banpo Bridge Seoul Korea

The Rainbow Musical Fountain at Banpo Bridge Seoul Korea

To reach Jabollae Observatory by subway – you need to take Line 7 and get down at Ttukseom Resort – Exit 1.

To reach Banpo Bridge by subway – you need to take Line 3 and get down at Express Bus Terminal – Exit 8-1 and walks towards Banpo Bridge.

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