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Alien Registration Card (ARC) in Seoul

It is very important that you get your Alien Card (ARC) registered in the first few weeks of your arrival. It is only after you get your ARC will you be entitled to procure a cell phone and most importantly open a bank account. You need to go to your nearest immigration office to get yourself registered.

ARC - Alien Card Registration in Korea

In Seoul you can go to the immigration office at Omokgyo. It is on line number 5 – purple line after Yeong-deung-po office. Once you reach Omokgyo come out of exit 7 and keep walking for about 7-8 mins till your reach Audi showroom – Tian Motors (opp SK Petrol Pump). Keep walking on the right till you reach he end of the road. On your left you will notice the Seoul Immigration building across the road.

Make sure you carry these important documents for E-7 visa:

  • Copy of Company Registration Document for the Korean Company you are working for. This is the most important document. If you are not having this document they will not give you the ARC card.
  • 2 passport size photograh
  • Passport
  • Copy of passport front and visa page (optional)
  • Copy of your appointment letter (optional)

After reaching immigration office you need to fill up the Application form and fix a revenue stamp. The revenue stamp is available the immigration office for 10,000 won. Then you need to take your waiting number from the number machine. And finally submit your documents at the application counter when your number appears on the counter screen. Your wait could be approximately an hour or so depending upon the applicants.

Previously the immigration executive would give you a date to come and collect your ARC card and passport but now the ARC card and passport is mailed back to you on the address you provide. In Omokgyo after submitting your documents you can go to the 2nd floor and collect the receipt for mail delivery. You will have to pay around 4000 won and give your mailing address at the mail delivery counter. The lady will give you a receipt which you should submit back at the application counter, where you submitted your previous documents.

You have an option to apply for ARC card online if you want to save the trouble of waiting in the queue. Click the Hi Korea link for details.

For other immigration offices in Korea you can check this link here.


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  • Sylvia

    I’m on a F4 visa trying to get my ARC and was wondering if I needed an “original medical check,” as one of the documents.

    I was doing some research and a somewhat outdated tagline indicated that I did.

    Is this true? If so, how do I even go about getting an “original medical check”?

    • Michael

      Hi Sylvia,

      I’m hoping you can help me since you may have found some solutions. I am going to Korea on an F-4 visa which I received at the General Consulate in Chicago. My question is: Do I need to be employed with a Korean company in order to register for the ARC? I was hoping to register first while looking for possible work opportunities. Also, do you know if one has to get a medical checkup?


  • kristine

    I Lost my passport but i still have my alien card valid..can i still enter korea?


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