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Korean Behaviors and Habits

Every culture have its own type of habits and behaviors that may seem “funny” or “different” to foreigners. Although I may not be a foreigner, I have been living abroad long enough to recognize Korean habits and found interest in identify these habits and behaviors. For people who already have interacted with Koreans or watch a lot of Korean dramas, probably recognize some of them.

Koreans love to doodle. 
Many of you English teachers would have seen Korean students draw.  I’ll say almost all girls doodle during lectures and many guys too. I would say its a national habit in Korea. This probably contributes to the reason that Koreans are pretty good with drawing. A reason why a lot of animation companies use Korean studios for outsourcing.

Koreans crack eggs with their head. 
Koreans crack boiled eggs with their heads instead of using the table or a spoon. I’ve seen it in Korean dramas, Korean jim jil bang (찜질방), and I even grew up cracking eggs with my head. I still have trouble finding the source of this behavior and trust me I believe no other countries does this. Maybe it came from Humpty Dumpty, but I would hardly believe that Humpty Dumpty existed in Korea back in 1950s.

Koreans girls cover their mouth when they laugh
Don’t ask why. I already have trouble meeting Korean girls. The only assumption I have is that it is something similar to covering your hand when you yawn. You don’t want people to see your insides of your mouth.

Koreans love to do the V finger when they take photos
Its true. I do it all the time. It feels like ice cream cone without the ice cream if you don’t do the Vs when you take photos. Even my grandmother who is around 70 years old does the Vs. I guess it became part of being Korean. -.-V

Koreans like to walk at night
If you live in Korea, you’ll see a lot of Koreans walking in the parks near by. Its to relieve stress, digest your food and stay healthy. Its like going to the gym but Korean just go to the parks instead.

There probably are more Korean behaviors or habits, but I can’t find them all. As a Korean it will probably take me more time to identify them, than a foreigner. However, I do find it enjoyable finding these habits and pleasures.  I hope I am not the only one who find it interesting to recognize these habits!

About the author
WonTaek Chung is a college student from South Korea and he is currently studying in the US. He has created and regularly maintains the blog – My Seoul Stories – to help people learn more about the daily lives of Koreans. You can follow his blog to get a peak into the unusual aspects of the daily lives of Koreans.

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    How not to insult Koreans


    Wow what a wonderful place South Korea could be i have been researching this beautiful country for weeks now,everything about Korea is so fascinating the culture the economy technology dishes education system scenery architecture ancient relics but there is one thing i would like to know about Korean women.And one more important thing i am seeking admission into one of Korea business schools for an MBA program and would like to have Korea pal i am from Cameroon and want south Korea to be my next destination


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