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17 Best Pinboards to follow on Pinterest if you love Korea

Pinterest is now the new social media tool in the league of Facebook, Flickr that can keep you hooked for minutes if not hours. And with so many users creating interesting pinboards it has become easier to explore, inspire, share and discover new aspects about your hobbies and interests. Since South Korea is in the list of must-visit places for lovers of Korean Culture it is obvious that one should follow some interesting pinboards about Korea.

Presenting below are the best 21 pinboards, which covers everything from Life in Korea, Places to Visit, K-Pop, Hallyu, Korean Fashion, Seoul and every other aspect of Korea. You can click the images below to view the pins (tip: right-click and select open in new window / tab).

Nami Island Korea Pin by Amber Matzke

Korean Love by Amber Matzke
Ambe Matzke’s pinboard spans across every aspect of Life in Korea and Korean Culture. Her pins covers Korean Food, Places in South Korea, Korean Fashion, Korean Kids, Korean Art, K-POP and Korean Celebrities.

Wondergirls Pin by Kixvix

Hallyu by Kixvix
Hallyu is the Korean Wave which took Korean Entertainment to a new level when it got popular not just in Korea but in neighboring countries like Japan, China, Malaysia, Phillipines, Thailand and many others. Hallyu was one of the reason which gave a boost to Korean Tourism coz people from all over the world started visiting Korea to get a slice of life in Korea and Korean celebrity-hood.

All About Korea Pinboard by Kasia Kasinska

Korean Fashion Pinboard by Kasia Kasinska

All About Korea and Korea Fashion by Kasia Kasinska
Kasia Kasinka is in love with Asian Culture specially Korean and Japan. She has an amazing collection of pinboards related to fashion, interiors, style, music, movies, furniture, food and designs from Korea.

Mandu Pin by Nora Hexter

Heart & Seoul by Nora Hexter
Heart & Seoul is about Nora and Jaemin a cute couple from New York and their love for Korea.

Lee Min Ho and other K POP Pins by Carly

Korean by Carly
Korean Pinboard by Carly is about Korean Actors, Singers and some cute kids. Well I believe the title of the pinboard is misleading. It should me Korean Men because it’s just about Korean Boys, Korean Men, Korean Guys, Korean Lads, Korean Male Celebrities… over 500 plus of them. Lucky for you gals..

Interior Decoration by Earl Kaka

Travel Seoul Korea by Earl Kaka
In this pinboard you will find interesting pictures of architecture, art and interior decoration in Seoul.

KPOP Boys Pinboard by Hailey Rile

Korea 3 by Hailey Rile
Another pinboard full of Korean Boys and a bit of Korea.

Jeju Island in Korea by Lin Hong

South-Korea by Lin Hong
Lin Hong is from China and he is on a mission to travel and visit all the places across the world including South Korea.

KPOP Gals Pinboard by Om K

K.. POP by Om K
Now there is something for guys too.. KPOP celebrities but all gals.

Cafe at Hongdae by Susan Park

Soul Seoul by Susan Park
Susan Park’s pinboard is about her nostalgia, her love and everything that she is missing about her city – Seoul.

KPOP Pins by Anthonia Yeo

KPOP 3 by Anthonia Yeo
You can either love them or hate them but just cannot ignore them if you are in Korea.

Places To Visit in Korea Pinboard by Linsay Jordan

Places To Go in South Korea by Lindsay Jordan
Lindsay has managed to put together a decent list of places to visit if you are in Korea.

Korea By Night Pinboard

Hanbok Pinboard

Everything Korea Pinboard

Places to Visit in Korea

The Korea Guide Pins
And last but not the least.. or should we say bonus pinboards from – The Korea Guide – that you should follow.

Disclaimer: All the images used above are from the respective pinboards of the various Pinterest users and have been used with the sole intention of promoting the respective pins.

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